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Hello, I am a programming engineer from Tallinn (Estonia, it is a very very small Baltic country) where I have been living with my family since 2013, before I lived in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) where I was born in 1975. Programming is not only my daily work but also my main hobby. I started programming in 1988 when I was a pupil in a soviet 421 school of Leningrad city and we used BK-0010-01 school computers to learn computer science, then I spent many years to develop miscellaneous software as an amateur and only since 1997 I have been working as a professional software engineer. Mainly since 1999 I use Java platform as the base for my software developments from mobile projects to enterprise government level solutions. Also I have experience in different computer languages and even have experience in development of enterprise we based system in FORTH language. I am very lazy person and believe that programming is the main tool which sent by The God to laziness people, I am not programming for my pleasure but I am trying to transfer my daily tasks to computer's back through my knowledge and skills. Sometime I think that modern programmers are successors of medieval alchemist because mainly they have the same targets: both development of philosopher's stone and creation of homunculus (the last one I like much more than the first one).
Flammarion engraving

I am presented in the main social networks (but not very active in them because it takes too much time). I have listed some links below and you can visit them if you wish. All my published programming stuff and pet-projects I keep in GitHub and if you have interest to any my project (for instance ZX-Poly), you can find all open information in my GitHub repository.
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Just in case If you want contact me directly and you don't have account in social networks, then you can just drop me email, my email igor.maznitsa[at]igormaznitsa.com also I have Skype account 'raydac' but please provide me extra information about yourself and your purposes if you ask me to add you into contacts.

The Last section contains links to misc old and very old stuff which may be is still interesting for somebody and I keep it mainly for back compatibility with the previous version of my home page. I just made some small descriptions and screen-shots from old developments and applications in which development I took a part and which had some more or less rich GUI. For non-game applications I made some small reference, but for games only screen-shots.