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I am a programming engineer, since 2013 I have been living in Tallinn (Estonia), originally I am from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) where I was born in 1975. Programming is not only my daily work but it is also my hobby and life style. I started programming in 1988 as I was a pupil in 421th school of Leningrad city, my first programming platform was BK-0010-01 (some clone of PDP-11 platform), then I spent many years to develop miscellaneous amateur software for home computer platforms (BK-0010 and ZX-Spectrum) and in 1997 I started work as a junior programming engineer in small company "Information Technologies and Models". Delphi was my first commercial programming language but in 1999 I tasted Java platform and now it is my main developing tool (I worked with it in wide spectre of projects from mobile projects to state-level projects). Also I got some experience in different computer languages and even in development of enterprise web based system in FORTH language. I am not sure in bright future of Java and permanently investigating another technologies and languages like Golang and Elixir. I am a very lazy person and believe that programming is the main tool which sent by The God to lazy people, mainly I am not programming for my pleasure but I am trying to transfer my daily tasks to computer's back through my knowledge and skills. Sometime I think that modern programmers are successors of medieval alchemists because they have mostly the same targets: both development of philosopher's stone and creation of homunculus (the last one I like much more than the first one).
Flammarion engraving

My social network accounts can be found below, I am not very active in all of them but sometime I public technical and not very technical info in some of them. Today is epoc of social networks and they provide good and easy way to share opinions and news.
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I am more or less active in development of pet projects, some of them even in use by big well-known companies. All my pet projects are open source ones and can be found in my GitHub. Below you can find direct links to projects which have collected bigger number of stars.
MVN-Golang plugin ZX-Poly, multi-CPU spectrum clone
SciaReto mind map editor Java Binary Block Parser library

The Last section contains links to old and very old stuff which may be is still interesting for someone (as I know some my former collegues use them in presentations). I just made some small descriptions and screen-shots from old developments and applications in which development I took a part and which had GUI part. For non-game applications I made some small descriptions, but for games only screen-shots because that's enough for arcade games.