I have collected some screenshots and short reserences of my very old developments on this page.


I was hired by OTIS Elevator Company (Saint-Petersburg branch, Russia)in 1999 to continue development of a system for contract department. The System was started by previous developer but he had left company and the system was not in work state, I decided that it would be good idea just to rewrite the system and developed own Delphi based version called "Drevo" (it means "Tree" in ancient Russian). The system was developed during several months and contract department started very actively use it to generate contract documentation and ROMs for elevators. It was even included into internal learning courses of the company. The system contained some internal domain-specific language "RSL", nothing special and complexity level on the level of BASIC.
drevo1 drevo2 drevo3 drevo4

Project network

All works for projects in OTIS Elevator Company were organized in project network, and because management decided to automate processes in contract processing, I got order to develop some intranet based system (because we had some network including a lot of 386 PC) for common work by contract teams over data. I decided that it would be no good to develop such system in Delphi and decided to taste Java 1.1 (which was actually new technology and I bought its SDK on CD with some book dedicated to Java). Java provided very easy way to develop multi-threaded applications than Delphi. I developed some HTTP server (I called the server "Titmouse") with embedded domain-specific language based on FORTH (I called it Forth Server Pages (FSP)), the full size of JAR of the server was about 200 kB. As contract data base we used MS Access and my server was connected to the DB through JDBC-ODBC bridge. Development of whole system from the scratch took about four months. That's interesting that Java 1.1 was enough strong to implement server and successfully process requests from many machines (about 15 386 PCs woking under windows 3.11), server was started on Pentium II 200 Mhz (under Windows 98), I even didn't make strong optimizations in DSL implementation and mainly it worked in interpretator mode. The System was in active use during pair years without problems and then it was rewritten to Pearl.
szg1 szg2 szg3 szg4 szg5 szg6 szg7 szg8

COP (Car Operating Panel) tester

In 2001 I got order from OTIS Eleveator Compamy to develop software-hardware complex to automate testing of COP (car operating panel) panels and provide way for workers to use it. Workers had no so strong hardware, just a 486 PC computer with MS-DOS and 2 Mb RAM so that I decided to use FORTH language for software part development. Hardware part included conector to COP and microcontroller based adapter to be connected to PC, as the core of the adapter I used Atmel AVR AT4414. The complex was successfully developed and worked without problems and even support during pair years. The Biggest enemy of the system were mice but even they couldn't kill the system quickly.
coptester1 coptester2 coptester3 coptester4


Since 2001 I started work for brand "INFON", it was the first one and the biggets provder of SMS services and content in Russia and one of my first task was to develop online (Java applet based) tools for users to edit and preview content before send to mobile devices. The whole project had title "Logotone".
The First online application was the online player of OTT tones (Nokia sound format delivered by SMS), it provided way for users to check melody online before sending to mobile phones.
OTT player
The Second online application was a converter of uploaded images into black-white visual format compatibles with SMS delivering. It provided several converting algorithms and worked well.
The Third application was an online graphic editor where users could create own content and use some predefined patterns, created image could be delivered to mobile phones through SMS.
logo maker

Form editor tool

Since 2003 I was strongly involved in game development for mobile phones and iTV devices, for automation of processes I developed GUI application which provided easy way to create and edit game forms and their animation, it was a Java tool and helped my company RRG Ltd. dramatically decrease development price and time.
form edittor1 form edittor2

SMS Catalog generator

In the start of 2000th SMS services were super popular ones and we had a lot of magazines where SMS content was provided with titles "send XXX to get such picture/sound to your mobile". In 2003, I was on weekend and come up with the idea that a J2ME application could be used to provide comfortable and fast way for users to send SMS and order needed content. During weekend I developed some prototype and presented to my partners from a SMS service providing company, they were amazed by the prototype and started action "SMS catalog" for their users, I asked only about 10% of pure profit, we worked together with the system several months but the application was easy enough and my partners made clone (even embedded game was cloned) and pushed me out from the business, also competitors started make their own variants, the idea was not patented but may be I am the first one who made as minimum in Russia such application.
sms catalog

Video preview generator

After many years in business, Russian brand "INFON" was bought by ZED company but I had strong links with my former collegues. Once I got order from them to develop GUI application to generate J2ME application provides preview of video with feature of SMS sending if user want see whole video. I developed some Java based solution which supported J2ME application generation for wide spectre of mobile devices and my customer was happy by its use.
videoide1 videoide2