"The main part of any project is not its implementation but knowledge produced during the project. I am sure that knowledge is the main part of each business today and it is super-important to raise the produced knowledge from the non-formal level to the formal one to avoid its loss. Also it is very important to keep the "distance" between projects and produced knowledge as short as possible and the ideal variant is to keep the formalized knowledge just directly among artifacts of the project."


Now it is very often to meet projects without any documentation (or to hear phrase that "all our documentation somewhere in confluence and out of sync"). I saw a lot of such projects and was unhappy to worke with them. In 2015 I decided that mind mapping is a good way also for software project documentation and made small plugin for NetBeans IDE (which was my main work tool). Such solution allowed me to provide and keep documentation and references just among project files and keep them more or less in sync. In 2016 I develped plugin for Inellij IDEA and then (because some my friends who actively used the tool were not from Java-world at all), I developed standalone version of the plugin and called it Scia Reto (Knowledge Network in Esperanto).


The editor allows create mind maps as trees. In opposite to many another mind map editors, it doesn't allows cyclic and multi-root mind maps, only canonic single-root trees. Each mind map node has title but also several extra details like icon, note, file link and link to another topic can be set. Rich set of icons is provided with the editor but custom images also can be used to be shown at topics. Since 1.4.10, it supports password protected encryption of notes with AES-256.


The editor keeps all information as a single human-readable UTF8-encoded text file. Sctructure of the file is compatible with MARKDOWN format so that extension is MMD.


Some formats can be imported into mind map as tree structure:

  • Tab formatted text
  • Mindmup mind map
  • Freemind mind map
  • XMind mind map
  • Coggle mind map
  • Novamind mind map


Any mind map can be exported as:

  • Freemind mind map
  • Mindmup mind map
  • Markdown text format
  • PNG image
  • SVG image
  • Plain text
  • ORG mode text
  • AscIIdoc text